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17 February (Monday)

     Session I (AM 11:00 - PM 12:30, Chair: Jin-Dong Kim)
         ●  Pablo Mendes  
             (DBpedia: Challenges, Opportunities and Applications of a Community-Driven Knowledge Graph)
         ●  Axel-C. Ngonga Ngomo               
             (Template-Based Question Answering on Link Data)
         ●  Christina Unger   
             (Ontology-based grammars for question answering over linked data) 

     Session II (PM 2:00 - PM 3:30, Chair: Axel-C. Ngonga Ngomo)

         ●  Michel Dumontier  
             (Bio2RDF - Linked Data for the Life Sciences -  Release 3)
         ●  Erick Antezana  
             (Answering Complex Biological Questions with a Semantic Systems Biology Approach)

         ●  Jin-Dong Kim  
             (LODQA - Generating SPARQL queries from natural language)

18 February (Tuesday)

         ●  Pablo Mendes

19 February (Wednesday)

         ●  Michel Dumontier

The Trouble with Tribbles